What is Whop?
Whop is our subscription management service for indicator subscribers.

Whop User Features

  • Manage your subscription status. Change payment methods, and pause or cancel your subscriptions.
  • Apply early adopter and loyalty discounts to your subscription.
  • Automatically applies Discord roles for access to private chat rooms for indicator subscribers and owners.
  • Allows anyone to become an affiliate! Earn 20% of sales generated from your affiliate links. This also applies to subscriptions for as long as the subscription is active.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make a purchase any other way other than through Whop?
A: If you message me directly on Discord @joebaus, we can discuss alternative payment methods.

Q: What happens if I don't get my Discord server role after purchase?
A: Message me directly on Discord @joebaus, and after I confirm your purchase I will correct any Discord role errors.

Q: I got people to buy your indicators with my affiliate link, when will I get paid?
A: I setup Whop to payout the same week the monthly subscriptions or other purchases from your affiliate link users are received. If you need more details, feel free to message me on Discord @joebaus.

Q: Whop says I need to be in the Plan To Profit Discord before I can make a purchase, do I need to do this?
A: Yes; all users who purchase indicators here need to join the Plan To Profit Discord. It's part of your purchase to get access to all the chat rooms that come with your indicator. Those chat rooms is also where early access and loyalty discounts are distributed.

Q: I have been a subscriber to your indicators for a couple years now, when do I get my Loyalty discounts?
A: Loyalty discounts are given once a year based on when you started your subscription. If you already applied an early adopters discount, you already have the lowest subscription price offered and won't receive a loyalty discount. Loyalty discount offers stop after 2 years: the first year you get 25% off the original price of the indicator, and the next year another 25% for a total of 50% off.

Q: What's the difference between Loyalty and Early Adopter discounts?
A: Both ultimately achieve the same thing: give a 50% discount. The Early Adopters discount gives it immediately, this is for those who buy new indicators when they are first released. This is to encourage users to help me financially in the early phases of indicator development. The Loyalty discount is available for everyone who subscribes after the Early Adopters discount is gone. It comes in 2 waves: the first 25% in the first year, and the next 25% in the following year. The Loyalty discount gives incentive for people to become early adopters, and still gives long time, loyal users of my indicators the ability to obtain a great discount on their subscription.