What is Whop?
Whop is our subscription management service for indicator subscribers.

Whop User Features

  • Manage your subscription status. Change payment methods, and pause or cancel your subscriptions.
  • Automatically applies Discord roles for access to private chat rooms for indicator subscribers and owners.
  • Allows anyone to become an affiliate! Earn 20% of sales generated from your affiliate links. This also applies to subscriptions for as long as the subscription is active.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the "Baus Trading Group +Indicators"?
A: All of my subscription indicators are bundled together into one price, and includes access to my trading group.

Q: Will Whop automatically give me access to indicators?
A: Right now that is not a feature. You can notify me on DIscord or TradingView @joebaus as soon as you make a purchase to get access to your indicators faster; or wait until I receive a notification from Whop of your purchase and give you access then.

Q: What happens if I don't get my Discord server role after purchase?
A: Message me directly on Discord or TradingView @joebaus, and after I confirm your purchase I will correct any Discord role errors.

Q: I got people to buy your indicators with my affiliate link, when will I get paid?
A: You will need to request a payout from Whop in the affiliate dashboard. If you need more details or any help getting paid out, feel free to message me on Discord @joebaus.